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Point Breeze: More Than Just Gentrification walk, 2018. Credit: Michael Bixler

We often sleepwalk our way through the city, ticking through the day’s tasks in our head or distracted by devices. Jane’s Walks ask us to do the opposite. They’re a chance to move through Philadelphia deliberately, trying to really see it, hear each other’s stories, and share public space. They are moving expressions that we care about this place, and our places in it. I see them as tonic that helps recharge our sense of citizenship.
Being a citizen is a pledge that we renew by participating in our city’s public life. In its most basic sense, public life begins when we hit the city’s streets on foot. When we do, we become part of the larger body politic.

Ashley Hahn, Jane’s Walk Philadelphia City Organizer
Philadelphia Inquirer, May 2, 2019

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This weekend Philadelphia will host 35 volunteer-led walking tours of the city. They are known as Jane’s Walks. The idea is to get out of your car, put your phone down and take an hour or two to slow down and walk and learn something.

by John Rawlins Friday, May 3, 2019 (WPVI)

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[Walk Leader Kalela} Williams says the walks provide an opportunity to bring people together in a fractious time. People may differ in their civic opinions, but by going for a stroll together, the sidewalk isn’t the only place residents can find common ground.

‘We are not talking to each other,’ said Williams. ‘We are yelling at each other. But nobody is hearing what anyone is saying. So I feel like taking a minute to say let’s go for a walk and talk about something that we can all come together around and we can all learn from.’

By Darryl Murphy, PlanPhilly/WHYY, May 4, 2019

West Philly Local: Jane’s Walk offers free neighborhood walks this weekend April 30, 2019


How a walk around Philly could change how

Jane’s Walking on Ridge Avenue, 2017.

Walking enables a kind of mindfulness that runs counter to the high speed of our daily lives. It is, after all, the speed at which humans evolved to take in the world. By taking a long, slow stroll, listening and talking, we may be able to absorb more and form deeper connections. I think that better equips us to care for one another and our city more thoughtfully. And the more people we let author our collective understanding of Philadelphia, the more inclusive and true that story becomes.

– Ashley Hahn, Jane’s Walk City Organizer
Philadelphia Inquirer, May 1, 2018

A legacy of innovation at Pennovation Works

“We’ll be lifting up the stories behind this place, and connecting it to its surroundings,” says [Molly] Lester.

“This is a part of the city many Philadelphians are unfamiliar with,” says [Julie] Donofrio. “But, the reason it provides the perfect place for an innovation campus today, is because it has been serving this role for hundreds of years.”

With the goal of sharing their findings with as many people as possible, Donofrio and Lester knew it would be a no-brainer to host a Jane’s Walk.

Penn Today – May 4, 2018
2018 Walk: Paints & Patents: Legacy of Innovation at the Pennovation site