What would Jane say?

Fishtown streets – past to present
May 6, 2018

Story by walk leader Venice Whitacker / Photos by Andrew Fearon and Kim Silvasy-Neale

Our call and response was what would Jane say? She would say…

The photo above with a front loading garages has been coined the soulless street. As we walked north, I asked what do you see or don’t see along this streetscape – almost 30 people yelled, “No eyes on the street!” The street is 93% front loading garages, and cars parked on the sidewalk blocking their garages.

We discussed the new construction that is taking over the original fabric of the neighborhood and erasing of history. Fishtown was planned by the community for the community. We noticed along the commercial ave it was loud, unsafe and barely desirable. Entering the residential area was very welcoming and quieter. The commercial artery was once known as the kings highway now called Frankford Ave.

There were questions: Who was Jane? How much does it cost to buy older homes versus newer development? Every one was very chatting and having tons of side conversations due the changes happening along Frankford Ave.

The tour was from 1-2:45 pm and 10 of us stayed together till 6pm and chatted over beers at a local bar the Starboard Tavern. The owner even bought us a round. This is one of the many reasons I love my neighborhood of Fishtown – the hospitality of the neighbors.