Saturday, May 3, 2019 – 7pm

WALK LEADER: Elly Avila, Buy Nothing Roxborough Manayunk West
MEETING PLACE: Corner of Ridge Ave and Hermitage St. At the corner of Gorgas Park, behind the bus stop shelter.
Free. Rain or Shine. All are welcome.

Take a walk with neighbors in Roxborough & Manayunk. We’ll talk about a gift-economy, connecting with neighbors nearby, and reducing waste by buying less. How fun is it to give away your extra crockpot (or easy chair, or bag of dirt…) to someone who really needs it; not only that, but you clear up space in your home; not only that but you can ask neighbors for a crockpot if it turns out you need one in six months? Very fun! Plus, the walk is downhill, not up! Hope you can join us!

We will meet at the corner of Ridge Ave. & Hermitage St., the corner of Gorgas Park. We’ll probably be behind the bus shelter at that corner so we’re not blocking the sidewalk. Walk will finish at the Manayunk Bridge, near the corner of Baker St. and Dupont St. From there, you can go on walking across the bridge or down to Main st. – perhaps for some ice cream!

Walk notes:

  • Accessibility considerations: We will be going down the Fountain St steps during the walk. If you are unable to take the stairs, we can split into two groups for a few minutes and meet up a few blocks later.
  • The walk is downhill, nothing very steep but keep that in mind if you have a heavy stroller or a bicycle.
  • Dogs welcome.
  • Approximate duration: 60-90 minutes

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