Saturday, May 4, 2019 – 12:30pm

WALK LEADER: Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman
MEETING PLACE: Fountain near the center of Rittenhouse Square
Free. All are welcome. Rain or shine.

“Observing is understanding” as they say, and on this walk we will all take part in the observation of our fellow human beings in the perfect people-watching environment of Rittenhouse Square. Starting at the center, we’ll wind our way through the park and out into the street, making note of design elements and patterns of human behavior as we move into the city. On this walking people-watching tour, we’ll learn what to look for (from direct observations to the things we leave behind) and discuss what makes a place great.

We’ll meet at the edge of the fountain in the center of Rittenhouse Square. (Find the incredibly blonde woman with glasses!) Walk may end at the ice cream truck if it’s there (and nice enough!)

Walk notes:

  • Accessibility considerations: Busy sidewalks. Walk will take place in and around Rittenhouse Square, so it’s a limited distance with plenty of benches to rest.
  • Bicycles and dogs welcome.
  • Approximate duration: 90 minutes

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