Walking Strawberry Mansion’s East Fairmount Park edge

Story and photos below by walk leader Judith Robinson

We started Discover Strawberry Mansion walk from in front of Mander Recreation Center. The story of Joseph E.Mander, the hero the recreation center is named for, is a powerful one. The focus and dedication of Hanna Silver and the Strawberry Mansion Blocks Council over many years is inspiring.

Several people on the walk had special stories about playing in East Fairmount Park; had connection to the latest developments in the park or had connections to Strawberry Mansion. All of those stories made for a lively exchange!

We passed the new development of Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) also the Historic John Coltrane House, and the senior housing, the Vernon House. The details of the future adventure of the Discovery Center created a lots of excitement.

Many on the walk were anticipating the surprise announced at the start of the walk….The Philadelphia Orchestra were in concert at Historic Strawberry Mansion, lunch was being served, it was all free and we were welcome! So….after the last stop of our Jane’s Walk, at Hatfield House , several of us walked back to Historic Strawberry Mansion. Wow! We were welcomed to delicious food, wonderful music, in a lovely setting! This all added to the adventures of the day.

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  1. Thank you ! Ashley Hahn,
    All the best in this new year…
    Looking forward to the season.
    We were just chatting about Jane’s Walk last evening at Logan Kramer’s open house.
    All the best


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