Help tell more Philadelphia stories this year – lead a Jane’s Walk on May 3rd, 4th or 5th, 2019!

What’s the deal? Jane’s Walks are free, public walks toward community-based city building. Anyone can lead a walk and all are welcome. Right now we’re looking for volunteers to lead walks this year. That means you – you love Philly, you know a thing or two about it, and you’re curious about learning more Philadelphia stories. Want to show off your neighborhood? How about leading a walk through history? Or maybe use your walk to discuss community challenges or neighborhood change? Jane’s Walks are an opportunity to create space for listening and dialogue – in person, on the street, in real time. Interested? Sign up here

What is Jane’s Walk anyway? And who’s Jane? Jane’s Walk is a global movement of free, volunteer led walking tours inspired by the ideas of writer and urban activist Jane Jacobs. They’re a weekend devoted to community-driven city building.

Who can lead a walk? YOU! You love Philly. You know something about it. You want to ask questions and know more about what other people think too. Walk leaders are volunteers and they’re often citizen experts, community leaders, neighbors, issue-based activists, historians, design professionals, or urbanists. You don’t have to know everything – great walks can come from asking questions. They can also be creative prompts for an exercise like photography or prose that asks us to pay close attention to the city.

When is Jane’s Walk? It’s always the first weekend of May. For 2019, it’s May 3rd, 4th or 5th – anytime you like.

Where can we walk? Anywhere in Philly. Pick any neighborhood, park, street, path, trail, community, theme, or building you want – from there, plan your route. Generally, this means walking through public space, and sometimes walk leaders contact people who can provide access to special spaces and help talk about them.

Why me? Because you love Philly. You know a few things about our city. There are some things you want to know more about too. 
Walks aim to elevate the voices of citizen experts, in dialogue on building a better city – in person, on the street, in real time. Last year, there were more than 1600 walks in 223 cities around the world. Join us in Philly!

Ok, I’m in. How do I get started? Organizing a Jane’s Walk is easy. All you have to do is plan a route, think of some stories, places, people and ideas you want to hear and talk about. Ready to go? FILL OUT THIS FORM: Then, make sure to promote your walk around your community (we will help!). Think about props, guests, activities… have fun with it!