Friday, May 3, 2019 – 5pm

WALK LEADER: Nate Hommel of University City District
MEETING PLACE: 40th Street and Baltimore Avenue
Free. Rain or Shine. All are welcome.

Trolley Portal Gardens is a story of relentless optimism, just because it’s hard and never been done before doesn’t mean it can’t happen. We will talk about the lessons learned from working with The City, SEPTA, a private developer, and neighborhood groups.. This was a community-led project from the beginning and we will discuss how others could take advantage of similar community ideas. We will then walk up 40th to Market and discuss the changes along 40th Street but mainly focus on what could happen at 40th and Market in the public realm. A very popular EL stop, a trolley diversion route, and lots of development coming but an overall poor environment for all of those users.

Walk Notes:

  • Walk duration: approximately 60 minutes
  • Accessibility considerations: Busy sidewalks. Has rest breaks.
  • Dogs welcome.

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