Saturday, May 4, 2019 – 10:30am

WALK LEADER: Bradley Maule, Go Mt. Airy
MEETING PLACE: High Point Cafe at Allens Lane Station (7210 Cresheim Road).
I’ll be the guy with the long hair, big beard, and Jane Jacobs pins.
Free. Public. Rain or shine.

It’s the 49th annual Mt. Airy Day—and it’s Preservation Month! We will walk through the neighborhood, see historic structures, thriving businesses, new civic assets, and end at Mt. Airy’s biggest annual party.

Walk ends at Historic Cliveden, site of the Battle of Germantown in 1777 and host of Mt. Airy Day. There will be food trucks, a beer garden, and good times.

Walk notes:

  • Accessibility considerations: There is at least one set of stairs and we will cross Germantown Avenue a few times, so that will incur Belgian blocks and trolley tracks.
  • Uneven terrain, Busy sidewalks, Stairs, non-accessible curb cuts, or other barriers.
  • Has rest breaks.
  • Approximate duration: 90-120 minutes

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