Friday, May 5, 2023 – 5pm

WALK LEADER: Judith Robinson
MEETING PLACE: Henry O. Tanner Family House, 2908 W. Diamond St
Free. Rain or shine. All are welcome.

Meet up in Strawberry Mansion for a walk through the neighborhood’s artistic legacies and their renewal!

Our walk begins at 2908 W Diamond Street in front of the Henry Ossawa Tanner Family House (seen above c. 1976) for stories of his international rise to fame as an artist, his PAFA roots, family history, and the latest developments to stabilize the property. (Maybe we’ll even take a peep inside? Hazardous conditions, but we can look up the steps from outside.) Who walked up these steps? This house was the gathering place for Black intelligence: The Father-Bishop Tucker Tanner (a walk with him in Fairmount Park inspired young Henry) Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander was born here, and married Raymond Pace Alexander here.

We will walk eastward looking at murals, artist homes and sites:

  • John Coltrane mural at Dover& Diamond
  • Vernon Marks – 28& Diamond St
  • Dox Thrash – Hang Art at Hank Gathers Rec (25th& Diamond)
  • McIntosh Rollins Foundation – Owner of Dox Thrash Prints (100!)
  • VanPelt, the end of the Diamond St Corridor.
  • 20th & Diamond St. – Beautiful Angus Wade – Former home of the international artist Paul F. Keene (1938 W. Diamond Street) hang art of his prints
  • Last Stop: Church of the Advocate (1801 W. Diamond St)

Walk Notes:

  • Approximate duration: 2 hours
  • Accessibility considerations: Busy sidewalks, long walk