Friday, May 5, 2023 – 5:30pm

WALK LEADER: Marcus Ferreira, South Street West Business Assn, South of South/PHS Tree Tenders and Penn State Extension Master Watershed Stewards
MEETING PLACE: NW corner of Broad and South Street. Marcus will be wearing a brown cork fedora.
Free. Rain or Shine. All are welcome.

South Street from Broad Street to The Grays Ferry Plaza at 23rd and South Street, which features a Native Pollinator Friendly Garden, certified by Penn State Extension Master Gardeners, while exploring urban site planning along a commercial corridor, highlighting native trees/pollinator friendly beds and pedestrian and cycling infrastructure along the way, as a reprise of 2019’s the Good, the Bad and The Ugly Street Tour of South Street West-happily more good, and less bad and ugly since then!

The walk will conclude at The South Street/Grays Ferry Triangle (23rd/South) at 7 p.m. proximate to numerous bars and restaurants.

Walk Co-leader: Anne Boyd of SOSNA Triangles and the Southwest Center City Pollinator Pathway

Walk notes:

  • Accessibility considerations: Busy sidewalks.
  • Short (< 1/2 mile) walk.
  • Estimated duration: 90 minutes